Coast jewelry-maker's work on The Tonight Show

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Twana Marx never imagined the attention her hand-made jewelry would earn her.  It all started with an order for some of her work.  Her friend ordered a ring and some earrings Marx was in the process of making.

"I e-mailed her and she said, 'Oh yes, I love them.' And I said, 'Okay, I'll send them with your ring,'" said Marx.

Marx said her friend, a stylist by trade, bought the pieces to spice up her own jewelry collection.  But, her friend never ended up wearing them.

Instead, Marx's earrings ended up on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.  Tina Campbell, one part of the gospel sister duo Mary Mary, wore the earrings during a show that aired two days before Christmas.

"I didn't know she [the friend] was going to put it on her famous sister," Marx said.

But, it wasn't just the appearance Marx says that turned her business, Creative Marx Handmade Jewelry into an overnight success.  She points to technology.

"Later on that night Mary Mary themselves put a message on Facebook on their fan page which has 495,000 people on it.  They said thank you for Twana Marx and Creative Marx for Tina's earrings tonight on the Jay Leno Show.  That's when it kind of broke loose and everything went crazy.  My phone was going crazy and it still hasn't stopped," Marx says.

Marx said a post on Twitter also brought her more followers and potential customers than she can keep up with.

"The first thing I thought is how am I going to respond to all these people.  It just kind of snowballed, and the next thing you know people are calling me a celebrity jewelry designer," says Marx.

Her new-found fame she says goes far beyond anything she could have done on her own.

"I've submitted my business to God, and I know it's him that's leading it where it's going right now."

Marx a radiology tech by trade says she still plans on keeping her day job.  But, her side job, as she calls it, is really picking up.

Buzz is growing in the gospel industry; she plans on attending the "Stellar Awards," a premiere gospel awards show in early 2011.  She's also getting invites from across the pond in London to showcase her jewelry.

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