Hidden Springs development goes back to Planning Commission

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Woolmarket residents opposed to the Hidden Springs development were emotional Tuesday during the Biloxi City Council meeting.

Council members were supposed to vote on whether the development would begin. But after hearing from the developer and the residents in Woolmarket, who said their lives will be affected by the new housing, the council chose not to vote.

Woolmarket residents fought back tears as they battled to persuade the Biloxi City Council to say "No" to the Hidden Springs development.

"I'm very emotional today because your decision affects us so desperately," one Woolmarket resident told the council.

"Six hundred signatures that was opposed to this. Every vote, every signature counts and I'm asking you to respect that and stand behind this community," said another Woolmarket resident.

Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco lives in the development area and opposes it.  She questioned whether there's a need for another new neighborhood.

"There is no need for housing. County wide, 4,000 people were evicted from their homes," said Connie Rocko.

The developer, Phil Frisby, listened to the neighbors in previous meetings, as well as questions from city council members. Now he's offered a new master plan hoping to satisfy the council and get the approval he needs to build.

"A reduction in the total number of lots from 420 lots to 411 lots. All 6,000 square foot lots have been removed from the plan," said Phil Frisby.

Those changes seemed to frustrate Ward 7 Councilman David Fayard who represents the Woolmarket area.

"This has been changed significantly and I think it needs to go back and be looked at again," said David Fayard.

"All in favor of that please raise your hand. It's seven to zero, it will go back to the Planning Commission," said the Council President.

After the meeting, many Woolmarket residents said they were happy with the council's decision and vowed to keep fighting to keep Hidden Springs from being built.

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