Biloxi Library Air Conditioner On The Blink Again

The "closed" sign has gone up on the doors more times than head librarian Charline Longino cares to remember.

"This is the second time this summer but this appears to be an annual event. This is the third summer in a row we've had to shut down because of air conditioning problems," says Longino.

Fixing it is easier said than done.

"The cooling tower here alone is like six foot by ten foot long and that's what's broken this time. There's also a chiller unit, a compressor unit, water pumps, air handlers. It's just a big system and when something goes wrong it takes awhile to get it fixed," Longino says.

Several people peeked inside the locked doors, only to be disappointed by the "closed" sign.

"We were coming down just to say hi to the children's librarian and get some books and I had heard the library had had A-C problems previously. We're down here for part of the summer and here we are and the library's closed," Patron Donna Mehta says.

For how long, no one knows. But Mayor A.J. Holloway says getting the air blowing again is a priority.

"You know, we was thinking about maybe trying to replace it but we was hoping we could get by until the fall or the winter before we'd have to replace it and not close the library down while we replace it but it's been a pretty tough summer so far and we hope we can get it fixed." patron Donna Mehta says.

The mayor estimates it will cost $30 to $50,000 to completely replace the library's air conditioner. The George Ohr museum upstairs is closed too. However, the museum office near Mary Mahoney's is open, as is the Pleasant Reed House on the beach near Tullis Manor.