Water Pipes Keep Exploding At One Gulfport Home

Wind chimes made music in Les and Alyce Holland's front yard. Ceramic frogs lined the shrubery. Behind them was a sign that said, "Welcome to our pad."

It looked like the kind of quiet, peaceful place the Hollands always dreamed of retiring in. "It is," Les Holland said. "It's very nice."

But for the last month, life inside 14305 Mosswood Drive has been anything but quiet or peaceful. And it's starting to take a toll on the couple. Four times in the last 30 days, they've been forced out of their home.

The reason was in a plastic bag.

Mr. Holland has kept every busted pipe that soaked his kitchen, his living room and his bathroom. He's also taken pictures of the water logged ceilings and walls that have suddenly ruined his retirement home. "It's an investment that I see eroding away that I don't like," he said.

The Hollands' moved into their retirement home three years ago. Everything was perfect until last month, when the water explosions started. Five times in the last two weeks, PVC pipes had to be replaced. The Hollands have spent $2,300, trying to find a plumbing problem in the backyard. They've brought in the city and the county. Nobody had an answer.

"I'm not looking for fault," Holland said. "I'm looking for solutions. Someone that can tell me this is what's going on, this is what we need to do. And let's get on, and get the problem fixed, so we can get back to a normal life."

The Hollands have a plumber, the city of Gulfport, a Harrison County supervisor and Mississippi Power all looking into their predicament. And they all have different opinions about what's causing the mess. One of the scenarios mentioned by the city is that methane gas could be causing the pipe explosions. But the family plumber doesn't think that's possible.

And so the Hollands go from day-to-day, unsure if their pipes will break again. Instead of sitting back and enjoying retirement, they're helplessly sitting around, waiting for another water disaster to damage another section of their home.