Jackson County woman becomes Christmas Hero

This Christmas season there have been a lot of groups and individuals out there that have helped Santa Claus collect toys for good little boys and girls. The Salvation Army, Rotary Clubs, Asgard Motor Cycle Club and local fire and police departments are just a few. All of them have done great work.

Today we want to single out a woman who saved Christmas for 430 Jackson County families. When Diane Vice heard that Toys for Tots would not be able to collect toys in Jackson County this year, she could not let that happen. She and a number of her friends soon sprang in action and started collecting money and buying presents so needy Jackson County children would have a Christmas this year.

She had only weeks to plan and faced a lot of obstacles to make it happen. But she kept pushing and now hundreds of Jackson County children have some toys under their tree this year.

Vice said we have been told "thank you" so many times and that's what feels good.  Many have also told her, "If it wasn't for you we would not have Christmas." She said, "So that's what we're doing it for."

A tip of the hat to Diane Vice and her friends who have shown the rest of us that anything is possible when you really put your mind to it. So yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and Diane Vice is one of his main elves.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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