What challenges will 2011 bring?

As we look back on 2010 it was quiet on some fronts and then quite hectic in other areas. Hurricane season was one of the quietist in recent years. It allowed many of our neighbors to complete their Hurricane Katrina recovery. It also gave us additional time to find ways to bring down insurance costs. Many of us are still having problems finding affordable insurance.

On the other hand, our area found itself in the middle of one of the biggest oil spills in our nation's history. Our tourism and seafood industry took big hits. People in many parts of our country still refuse to seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.

If that was not bad enough, the economic slowdown in our country continues to impact all aspects of business in our community. But even so, as we end this year we believe the future looks brighter. There is talk about the economy slowly recovering. And we are hopeful that those affected by the oil spill will be reimbursed for their losses including many of our casino workers.

2011 will bring its own set of challenges. But, we know the residents of the coast are resilient and can handle whatever may come our way. Our hope is that with an improved economy all Mississippi Gulf Coast residents will prosper in the coming year.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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