Four People Are Safely Back On Land

  Four people are safely back on land after a harrowing fishing trip about 70 miles off the coast of Pascagoula...caused them to stay out at sea longer than they expected.  Dick Wilson, his son, and two friends from Georgia decided to try their luck fishing in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.  One of the boaters, Billy Bell said, "It was a little scary at times, when the thunderstorms came, and the high winds, and the seas got up to 3 or 5, but we stayed tied to the oil rig, and weathered the storm."

  The bad weather caused delays in their fishing trip, and eventually, the boat ran out of gas.  According to Dick Wilson, "We have a rule our my house.  If I don't report in by 10 o'clock, my wife calls the Coast Guard."  And that's just what she did.  The Coast Guard launched an air search for these boaters early yesterday morning, just a few hours after they were expected to return from their trip.  Dick says he's thankful they went out into the water prepared.  He says the main thing to remember is food, water, and know where your life preservers are in case you're not that lucky.

  Late Sunday morning, the boat they were fishing on, the Angler, was refueled near Horn Island.  The Angler made it back to the D'Iberville Boat Launch ramp sometime after noon on Sunday.   All four boaters want to give a special thanks to the Coast Guard for all their help.

As for their next fishing trip off the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Billy Bell says "we can't wait to go again."  They just hope next time around Mother Nature will be kinder, and the catch will be bigger.