Supervisor Candidates Walking Door-To-Door

It's election time, and you may have already received a visit from a candidate in your area. One way to win elections is to go door-to-door and to meet as many voters as possible. One of the hottest races in Harrison County is for the Republican nomination for district 5 supervisor.

"I'm Les Barnett. I'm running for Supervisor out here and I'm just out campaigning in the neighborhood today and just wanted to drop this off with you," Barnett said to a potential voter.

"I am Connie Rocko and I'm your Supervisor for district five and I'm coming by to give you some information on what I've been doing," Rocko said as she distributed flyers.

Republican candidates Les Barnett and Connie Rocko campaign the neighborhoods of Biloxi. Without a Democratic opponent in the general election, the winner of the primary will likely be elected Supervisor.

Challenger Les Barnett wants to take his 9 years of legislature experience and use relationships he's made to give Harrison county a stronger voice in Jackson, but work at the grass roots level.

"Being a supervisor you get a little bit more on hands it's closer to the people, and it's something I've had a desire to do for a long time," Barnett said.

Incumbent Connie Rocko wants to retain her position as supervisor. She wants to continue her fight for accountability of tax dollars and other issues her constituents have.

"Although we've accomplished a number of things there's so much more to be done and I feel that I'm in a position with local experience to make sure that those things do get done," Rocko said.

"I think it's going to be a good race, we've had a lot of positive feedback on it," Barnett said.

"I have no idea, the voter will be deciding whether the race is close or not," Rocko said.

"Well good luck to you and it was nice to meet you," said one voter to Barnett.

"Best of luck to you, Thank you." said another voter to Rocko.

Figuring out which candidate you support may involve reading the campaign literature or getting out and meeting the candidates.

Both Les Barnett and Connie Rocko will be guest's on 'WLOX News This Week' The show airs Saturday July 26 at six.