SCUBA Dives Into Christ

Hundreds of kids have been taking Scuba lessons at the Long Beach Church of Christ, and you may be surprised at what they've been fishing for.

The Long Beach Church of Christ has been bubbling with excitement because all week long, area youngsters have been diving into a 'Super Cool Underwater Bible Adventure'. It's a vacation bible school program, also known as SCUBA.

"We're hoping this theme, going deep, will get the kids thinking about what it really means, not just in one ear and not the other. We're just trying hands-on activities and hopefully, they will go deeper," SCUBA organizer Jill Anderson said.

Walking through the church, it looks more like an underwater wonder world, and church leaders are hoping that hands-on projects like this will teach these children valuable lessons that will carry them through life.

"We're making these bottles that the diver dives down to the bottom to get the treasure, like Jesus died on the cross to save our souls," SCUBA participant Hope Story said.

"We've been doing all kind of stuff. We just got done going in the cave. And it was pretty fun." SCUBA participant Brandon Hursell said.

"They could even have Him hiding down here, dead, but guess what...He arose from the dead," a SCUBA instructor said.

In the cave, children are able to live out a Bible story that unfolded more than 2000 years ago. This is just one of many stories bible school teachers hope these children will not only remember, but will pass down for generations to come.