Constable Candidates Take Campaigns To The Streets

Primary elections are right around the corner and candidates said they are feeling the pressure of crunch time. They're the last two names on the republican primary ballot, but both men know the job is important.

"Do you know what a constable does?" Candidate Jay McKight asked to a voter.

"Do you know what a constable does? Have any idea?" Incumbent Paul Johnson said.

It's a job serving summons papers, evicting people out of houses, maintaining bailiff systems at the courts and any other job a judge may have for you. Both McKnight and Johnson want your vote for the office.

"This is the only way to do it, walking, door to door trying to get out and meet the voters get your message out and show them what you have to offer," McKnight said.

Challenger Jay McKnight wants to bring his law enforcement experience to the office of constable. As constable he pledges to keep and preserve the peace through proactive efforts.

"We just believe we have a little bit more to offer to the job than just a process server, that's kind of what's it's fell into and become over time," McKnight said.

Incumbent Paul Johnson wants to keep his job in the office of constable. Johnson says he's a courteous, dependable, working constable.

"I've always tried to treat everybody fair and square, let them know what's going on, what to expect in court when they go. For education, we keep up with everything and I'd love for the people to elect me for their constable again," Johnson said.

After a long day in the hot sun, these two found out 'running' for office requires a lot of 'walking.'

The primary election is August 5th.