As temperatures drop, firewood sales heat up

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - By Jessica Bowman – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Firewood is being sold throughout South Mississippi to help keep you and your home warm as the arctic blast sweeps through. One salesman in Gulfport said business is booming.

"You can buy it by the piece, by the roll, by half a load. However you want to buy it. It sells for $135 a truckload," Orville Reeder said.

Reeder said using your fireplace can keep you warm, without burning through all your money.

"People want to save because the way the economy is right now. They don't want to use their power to keep their house warm so firewood, it's a good ole fashioned fire, you know, keeps them warm at the same time," said Reeder.

Reeder brings his firewood down in truck loads to the coast from Stone County. He said it's important when buying firewood you know exactly what to look for.

"Green wood is not good to sell because people want to burn the wood now you know," said Reeder.

Green wood is soft and can take hours to begin to burn. So, he said it's important you look for seasoned wood.

"Seasoned is dry. You can tell by pulling the bark off the wood. Green is real light colored and you can see the green."

The dryness of the wood makes a quicker fire that lasts much longer. Reeder said since November, he has sold more than 20 truckloads.

Gulfport Firefighters have some safety tips you should remember when starting a fire in your fireplace.

  • First, inspect your chimney to make sure there are no bird or squirrel nests inside.
  • Use a fire starter to ignite the fire or a small kindling underneath the logs with newspaper.
  • Keep the fire small so it's easier to control.
  • Keep a screen around the fireplace.

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