14-year-old brightens up Long Beach

By Jessica Bowman – email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Thousands of Christmas lights brighten up Wright Avenue in Long Beach. The magical scenery was put together by one 14-year-old boy and his grandfather. The two said it's a tradition, but this year it has a little more meaning.

It's like a Christmas wonderland that's come to life. A moving mail box for letters to Santa and even Santa himself.

Margaret Olive said, "Awesome. All the hard work is awesome."

Neighbor Margaret Olive said it's like living in a story book every time she looks outside.

"The lights are awesome. I just look out the window and look out the back door and see the lights and just get happy," said Olive.

Thousands and thousands of bright lights cover the front yard, from top to bottom. All strategically placed by 14-year-old John Ross.

John Ross said, "Because when we were little my grandmother did this for us a lot and now this year she's sick and she has heart problems so she can't be out her very much. So, the big reason I did this was for my grandma."

You can find angels, dolphins, presents and even a Fraser Fir lit for the community and Ross' grandmother to enjoy. Ross said the lights started coming up the day after Halloween.

"This is the earliest we have got done. We usually get done a week before Christmas. So, I'm pretty proud of myself because this is the first time I got done this early," said Ross.

"My grandson had it all hooked up. I came home from work and all I saw was one big light, one big light," said John Southwick.

Ross's grandfather, John Southwick, said the two have been enjoying their favorite holiday this way for many years.

Southwick said, "I like the nativity set. That's the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes people get away from that true meaning of Christmas. So, I think the nativity set is the best part."

This year their holiday vision was awarded the yard of the month by the Long Beach Garden Club.

Olive said, "All the hard work paid off. All the years went by paid off. This is the year."

If you would like to see the Christmas wonderland the address is 1004 Wright Avenue in Long Beach.

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