Streets Of Speed - Rue Palafox, Biloxi

There's probably not a single driver in America who can say they've never been guilty of speeding at one time or another. If you've ever been caught speeding, you know the fines can be as high as 200 dollars depending on how fast you're going. Moving violations can cost you even more, and can make your insurance go up quite a bit.

In this week's "Streets Of Speed" special report, we brought the Speed Zapper to Biloxi. Jamie and Robbie Gryder wrote to us about speeding on their street and drivers who totally disregard five stop signs.

The Gryders live on Rue Palafox in Biloxi. They're right between Eisenhower Drive near Edgewater Mall and Pass Road. They say that many cars use their tiny street as a cut through to avoid the light on Pass Road.

"I've had people run into my yard, all the way to the front yard. My mailbox has been knocked down. My neighbor's mailbox has been knocked down," Jamie Gryder says.

His neighbor Stephanie Seymour says, "They've run into our mailboxes and knocked them over because they're speeding. It's just amazing how much people will just fly down the street."

But according to the "Speed Zapper", on this day at least, there weren't many cars going more than 25 on Rue Palafox. We did find another dangerous problem.

"The majority of people don't stop at stop signs at either side of our street," Robbie Gryder says.

Boy was he right. We counted 25 cars that coasted through the five stop signs at both ends of their street, including a Biloxi police officer. I flagged down a five drivers who all admitted to running the stop signs and they offered no excuse. One did promise to start stopping on Rue Palafox.