New Sign Towers Over Casino Row

It's about to become the biggest and brightest on Casino Row.

Casino Magic Biloxi is raising the promotional stakes with a giant new sign.

In the competitive gaming market, grabbing attention matters.

"No sense putting a sign up that's too small for anybody to see," said Casino Magic executive, John Ferrucci.

The casino's new sign towers over Highway 90 already. And there's still another 50 feet to go. Casino Magic is reaching for the stars with steel and wires and neon.

In the world of on site casino signs, it seems bigger may be better.

"We're a market with twelve casinos on the coast, and revenue numbers that everyone can see by looking at the reports are relatively flat. So, anything that you can do to call a little more attention to yourself without giving away the store is probably a good thing to do," Ferrucci explained.

The mammoth sign once stood outside Casino Magic in Bossier City. When that property became Boomtown Casino, the sign was shipped to the coast and completely refurbished for Casino Magic Biloxi.

A sign crew from Las Vegas will bring it to life.

"It'll be bright. It's going to have, it has almost two thousand light bulbs in it which will have animation going through it. Color neon of course. And the top hat will do all kinds of stuff. It'll be an attraction, that's for sure," said Kim Smith, with the Las Vegas based installation crew.

The competition among on site casino advertising has certainly evolved as the gaming market has grown here on the coast. Those who were here when the first casinos arrived will recall the mild controversy over the Isle of Capri's giant, neon sign. Today, that same sign is among the smaller, more conservative casino signs.

Expect a celebration when Casino Magic sign is finished. The boss hasn't set a date just yet.

"I want to make sure my electrician is confident it's going to light up before we do that. But yes, we do plan a party," Ferrucci said.

The total cost of the new Casino Magic sign is just over one million dollars. That includes bringing it from Bossier City, rebuilding it in Gulport and installing it on Casino Row Biloxi.