Now is not the time to raise taxes

Unemployment in America is actually going up instead of down. It's now at 9.8 percent. While many Americans think our economy is slowly recovering, this latest labor report shows many of us are still struggling.

Therefore, we are glad that President Barack Obama is willing to work with Congress and propose to extend tax cuts for at least two more years. While the final details still have to be hammered out, we need leaders from both parties to remember our economy is still weak.

The tax breaks will continue to allow all Americans to keep more of the money they earn. We have a lot more faith in individuals putting the extra money to work, than giving the money to the government.

In addition, there will be a two percent rollback of individual payroll taxes that are used to fund Social Security. Again that means more money in a workers pay check.

Also, for our neighbors who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, the plan calls for these benefits to be extended up to another 13 months. Right now our government leaders need to make sure whatever they do will help our weak recovery become stronger in 2011. Now is surely not the time to raise taxes and take money out of the hands of the consumer.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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