Gulfport family finds solution to battle Chinese drywall effects

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - By Steve Phillips – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Specialty chemicals and air filtration devices are being used to battle the hazards of Chinese drywall. A Gulfport family is using that combination to rid their home of the drywall gasses that can cause health concerns and corrosion of metal fixtures.

The products being used are called "AbShield" and "Sniper." One chemically neutralizes the "rotten egg smelling" gases behind the wall boards, while the other removes any residual contamination from furniture and other household items.

"We're now injecting the walls with SI201 which is a powder blend of the product that goes on the outside of the wall. And it's designed to move throughout the wall cavities," said John Rider, as he watched a worker apply the product behind a wall.

A portable blower injects a very fine powder behind the walls. The product will attack the sulfurous emissions that come from defective Chinese drywall.

"It's not a good thing. It's caused my wife to have regular migraine headaches. My son's asthma has been the worst it has been in years," said home owner Charlie Hewes.

"AbShield" promises to chemically neutralize the sulfurous gases Chinese drywall emits. Along with the powder version blown behind the drywall, a liquid version is used to cover the exterior walls.

"Not sealing the walls, but actually a breathable system that absorbs the gasses going into the cavities and coming out into the living space," said Rick Greene with AbShield.

The combination of powder and liquid counters the troublesome gasses created by defective drywall.

"Odors are absorbed. Gasses that come into the coating behind the board or in the front of the board are completely neutralized chemically, an irreversible chemical reaction," said Greene.

While "AbShield" does battle behind the walls, a product called "Sniper" is sprayed on furniture and other household items to chemically break down any sulfur compound residue.

"And once we render them into their component parts, we've dealt with both the smell and the health effect issues," says Heath Campbell with Global Environmental Restorations.

The home owner is happy he found an alternative to the cost and inconvenience of ripping out all the drywall.

"These gentlemen warranty their product, so there won't be an more gassing off or any more odors or smells. So I think we're getting our home back to as close to perfect as we can at this time for the options out there," said Hewes.

This chemical approach is environmentally friendly and costs much less than having to rip out and replace all the wall boards. If you're interested, you can reach AbShield by calling (407) 928-1141.

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