Harbor Landing owner sells his yacht club to DMR

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) – David Harris fought to the city of Ocean Springs to keep his Harbor Landing restaurant open. By turning his business into a yacht club, he accomplished his goal. Now, Harris is selling his property at the Ocean Springs Harbor to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. "I heard they were buying property like mine," Harris told WLOX News. "They were very much interested."

Harris would not disclose how much the DMR paid to buy back low lying property.

Harris closed his restaurant two Sundays ago, and is in the process of cleaning the three story building. In 90 days, he expects the DMR to take over the building. In the meantime, he's waiting for a check from the state agency to complete the real estate transaction.

Perseverance was the word Harris used to describe what he's been through, battling both neighbors and the board of aldermen to save his business. "We won, and now a better deal is on the table," said Harris.

The agreement with the DMR allows Harris to operate his boat storage facility for another year-and-a-half. That will give him time to help his customers find new storage areas for the vessels.

WLOX News is attempting to reach DMR representatives about the Harbor Landing deal. Once we hear back from them, we'll share their thoughts about this deal on WLOX News and WLOX.com.

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