New Business Comes To The Kiln

The first fast food chain restaurant opened its doors in the Kiln Wednesday. It's an example of the continuing growth spurt this community is undergoing. It seems the Kiln has become the business hot spot in Hancock County.

Jerry and Lauly Peterson are considered one of the driving forces behind the rapid business growth in the community. They say their new 7,500 square foot office and retail complex is going up to meet a demand for space in the area.

Two of the spaces in the building are already leased and the building isn't even finished yet. A tanning and beauty shop will locate on the North side of the complex and a Liquor store right next door.

Kevin Lentz is the owner of what will be called Sugar Mill Liquor Store.

"We were convinced all along that this was where all the growth in Hancock County was coming from. Every time we drove up here, there was something new being built. As soon as Jerry and Lauly let us know they were building, we signed a lease."

A little further up the road is a new era of cuisine in the community, the first ever fast food restaurant chain. Alvin and Robin Abney are the owners of this new Subway store.

"The Kiln is a growing community and it looked like the perfect opportunity for us to bring a Subway franchise in," said Robin.

Peterson and says once community sewer is added to the area and Highway 603 in the Kiln is four laned, the community will see unbelievable growth.

"Once they come into place, the growth in this area, I feel, is going to be out of control. There's nothing that's going to stop it at that point."

Peterson's new office and retail complex will open later this summer. In addition, Coast Electric Power Company is in the process of building a major office on Highway 603 in the Kiln.

by Al Showers