Senior Project time is upon Moss Point High students

Moss Point High School Seniors (Photo source: MPHS)
Moss Point High School Seniors (Photo source: MPHS)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - From MPHS Journalism Staff

MOSS POINT, MS - Students, teachers, and members of the local community will come together this week to participate in the end-of-semester senior project presentations.

Mrs. Tomeka Wiggins is one of the Moss Point High Staff members spearheading the project.  She is the senior guidance counselor at the high school, and she strongly believes senior projects provide unique learning experiences for students.

"These projects are instrumental in student learning.  The projects give our students the opportunity to get out and interact with the community," Wiggins said.  "We are training our students the proper way to research and present information in a formal setting."

The senior project has writing, product, and presentation components.  It is also a requirement for graduation.

Jajuam Dinkins, 17, is gearing up for his presentation on the morning of December 10th.  His project centers on the affect that music has on young people.    He said that he feels that the music of today does not to a very good job edifying children and promoting academic success.

"Music is a part of everybody's life," Dinkins said.  "My goal for the senior project is to produce music for children that will serve to encourage them to do better in Math."

Dinkins said one of the most important responsibilities that seniors have is staying on task.  "We have to meet our deadlines.  When students start getting behind on their work, that is when things get really hard."

Despite all of the pressure, Dinkins is maintaining a cool temperament about his senior project.  He has sung for large crowds before.  "I am not nervous at all," Dinkins said.  "As a musician, I've performed in front of hundreds of people."

Senior Projects are slated to take place on December 7th and 8th.  The second round of senior projects is scheduled for the end of second semester.