Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt denies coaching rumors

By A.J. Giardina – bio | email

OXFORD, MS (WLOX) -  Houston Nutt began the news conference by commenting on the season and he promised to evaluate everything beginning with himself.

"We will start work tomorrow." Nutt said. "We will tighten up our shoes a bit better.  We will pay attention to detail."

He went on to say that when Benny Abrams passed away in January, it was a tough way to start the off season.  He said it affected everyone on the team.  He said the team wanted to dedicate the season to Abrams and the Rebels didn't do a very good job.

Sunday night a Denver television station reported that Nutt was a leading candidate for the head coaching job at Colorado.  On Monday Nutt stated, "The rumors are not true!"

He added, "They are so far from the truth.  I've had one thing on my mind since the last second ticked off, and that was how we are going to get better.  You have to think about recruiting and staff.  We have to evaluate everything we've done this past year.  It is so easy to go on the internet and say things like "He's going there have having a press conference today." It's so untrue.  It's ridiculous."

When asked if there were going to be staff changes he replied that he's been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching.  "I don't know yet," Nutt said.  "I'm still working hard in that area to look at what we've done.  The thing that is tough is that this was a pretty good group for two years.  Then we had a bad year and all of a sudden they're bad coaches.  It's hard for me because I know these guys and I know what they're about.  They are good people and good family men who are trying to make a difference in kid's lives.  They didn't become bad coaches overnight.  The bottom line is that we didn't have a very good year and you have to look at everything.  The one thing we have now is time because we aren't going to a bowl game.  We're looking at recruiting at that is number one."

Nutt promised to look at what is best for Ole Miss and how he will go about getting Ole Miss to Atlanta and win an SEC Championship.

When it came to the status of suspended players Nutt said Melvin Harris will get going again.  He stated that Rodney Scott will probably want to leave, but that wasn't one hundred percent.

He expects Clarence Jackson back into the Rebels program.  He said, "He has done everything we've asked him to do.  He is doing much better in school.  He will still have to do some extra things for us."

Nutt said he will meet with Brandon Sanders this week.

Nutt met with Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone Monday morning and said, "We talked about the season and a lot of things about our program.  We talked about everything from the training room to academics."

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