Pascagoula seeks public input on new comprehensive plan

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) – Pascagoula is looking to the people for input as it creates its new road map for growth. The comprehensive plan is updated every four years in the city.  It outlines polices on land, community design and the natural environment.

Pascagoula Human Resources director Bruce Knott said the newest version of plan could lead to a safer and beautiful city.

"It puts our focus on what our future growth of the city is going to be. By identifying that growth, it also allows the council to budget for the necessary items to meet the objectives."

In the 230 page comprehensive draft there's everything from city zoning maps, to public and private priority restrictions. One of the major policy updates is requiring businesses to go green.

"What our goal is to have a 10% green space for all new buildings, so they can't just build a big box store with a bunch of parking lots. They have to build a big box store that has some green space that looks attractive to people coming to town."

The city also has a plan to reduce the reliance on automobiles.

"A lot of things we hear now is I would like to get out and bike, but it is really dangerous. I want to bicycle along Highway 90, but there is nowhere for me to bicycle," Knott said. "What this does is set objectives for the future, so when we build new roads we want bicycle paths and we want wider sidewalks so people can walk."

Pascagoula is urging anyone who works, plays, or does business in the city to come and check out the draft.

"We want all the input so we make this plan a living breathing document that we will actually use."

Business owner Michael Colborn said he will pick up his copy because it is important to him that the city is moving in the right direction.

"To never stop planning is the best practice. As soon as you stop planning you get left behind," Colborn said. "If we head towards a better Pascagoula, we will end up in better financial situation for all of us."

Knott said folks can pick up a draft of the comprehensive plan at Pascagoula City hall. The city council will vote on the plan at its December 21st meeting.

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