Streets of Speed - Lorraine Road, Harrison County

Since January of 2002, 11 people have died in Harrison County in car accidents. Police blame many accidents on speeding. The danger is why WLOX News is tracking South Mississippi's "Streets of Speed" with the WLOX News "Speed Zapper." Lorraine Road in Harrison County is one of the streets you told us about.

Robert Buck lives about five miles north of the Interstate. His son, 14 year old Kristopher Buck was riding his bike about a month ago when a speeding car hit him right in front of his home. The accident almost killed him.

"It was a Sunday morning, and two minutes prior to the accident, my son and I were having a conversation. The next thing I know somebody comes up and tells me he's laying in the street in a puddle of blood where he's been hit by a car. She was going somewhere around sixty five," Robert Buck said.

"All of a sudden, I see this white car and I tried to get off the road. Then she runs off... hits me," Kristopher Buck said.

Kristopher spent three days in the ICU. His leg was broken in eight places. He had multiple surgeries and is recovering now, but this life changing event put the Buck's on a mission to slow down drivers in their street.

So, we put the "Speed Zapper" on the job. Lorraine Road is a 35 mph , residential road. Within minutes we clocked cars going as fast as 60 miles per hour.

(graph of all of the speeds and the average)

Kristopher's accident changed the Buck's forever. They recently went door to door and raised enough money to buy 12 "children at play" signs. They want to put them up along Lorraine Road. But that may not happen.

Robert Buck says the county has told him the warning signs have to be 30 feet from the road, which will be difficult for drivers to see.

The sheriff's department is virtually powerless over speeders because they cannot use radar. One Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy told WLOX News that they've begged state lawmakers to change the law so they can run radar, but they've had no luck The bill has come up every session in the last few years, but failed every time.

The Bucks say the woman who hit Kristopher had no insurance, paid a $100, and was driving again within a week.