The outcome of a busy shopping weekend in D'Iberville

By Jessica Bowman – email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - D'Iberville Police Department's plan to keep traffic and shoppers under control at the Promenade during the holiday shopping weekend was a success. Chief Wayne Payne said there were no major issues and their presence kept crime to a minimum.

The after-Thanksgiving shopping madness didn't end at 11:59 Friday night. With many stores extending holiday sales throughout the weekend, thousands of people were coming and going at the Promenade and despite the rush, police still managed to keep a lid on what's usually a holiday nightmare.

Chief Wayne Payne said, "With the help of all the store owners here and their employees it was a success I feel."

Chief Wayne Payne decided if police were going to keep things under control they had to have a plan in place before Black Friday hit. That plan had to go beyond just having officers patrol in marked cars.

"Well, we had plain clothes officers in one of the stores and he observed a person commit shoplifting and made an arrest so are plan paid off there," said Payne.

Officers also worked the main intersection at I-110 and Sangani Blvd. helping direct traffic when it was needed. Some officers even traded their cruisers in for bicycles.

"They were a success also. This was the first year we used them. Got more use out of them Saturday than we did Friday because of the rain, but we're going to continue using those bikes and utilize them in the patrol field," said Payne.

Chief Payne said the bikes allowed officers to patrol closer to vehicles and keep an eye on  backs of the stores with the ultimate goal of keeping shoppers safe.

Payne said, "We appreciate our citizens and our visitors for being so patient."

Payne said all in all he's happy with how the weekend turned out and said the department will put the plan to use again next year.

Chief Payne said they did have a few minor fender benders in the parking lot, but no other problems to report.

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