Road Facelift In Bay St. Louis

Almost everyone agrees pot hole riddled streets in Bay St. Louis need fixing. But how city leaders plan to fund the repairs is where you'll find much debate. As WLOX NEWS reported Thursday night , Bay St. Louis city leaders plan to take out 2 million dollars in bonds to resurface several damaged roads.

We wanted to know what the citizens think. You can see, feel and hear pot holes on the streets of Bay St. Louis. "It's pretty rough on the cars and you can hear the cars going by and people are driving all over the road to avoid the big pot holes." Said Bay St. Louis Resident Kathy Thompson. Thompson lives on Bookter Street, one of the bumpiest rides in the Bay. She said "I think the roads really need work there's a lot of bad roads around here. But I would question whether they have sufficiently reviewed there numbers to see if there is a way they could do it with out having to raise the taxes. On the other hand the taxes over here are much lower than other parts of the Coast and maybe we're going to have to pay a higher price to have better streets"

Main Street needs attention. Doug St. Amant, lives on Main, and says he doesn't mind paying higher taxes for a smoother ride. But he worries another layer of paving would cause more flooding problems. "If they're just going to slap something on top of this I'm totally against that and I certainly don't want to pay for something like that would cause a bigger problem." City leaders say raising the city's mill age rate by 5 mills would mean about a 50 dollar a year increase in property taxes for a person with a 100-thousand dollar home. " I find that pulling 50-dollars out of my pocket to pay the tax collector is a whole lot cheaper than spending hundreds to repair my car after hitting those pot holes day after day after day." Said Bay resident Jeff Nancarvis.

City leaders haven't determined exactly how much the mill age rate would be raised, but they say it will be by either 4, 5 or 6 mills. Residents can expect to see the tax increase on their January 2004 tax bill.