Black Friday was a grand slam for retailers

By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - While that push is on to help Small Businesses. For large retailers, just how did they do in terms of Black Friday?

The biggest shopping day of the year was a grand slam for local retailers. Shop-a-holics turned out in the thousands this year bringing in much needed dollars to boost the economy.

Retailer's fear of the economy downplaying Black Friday was not an issue.

Toby Kelly said, "The economy to us, we couldn't tell there was a recession when we opened these doors up. It was absolutely phenomenal yesterday."

Edgewater Mall's JCPenny had booming business around the clock. Store Manager Toby Kelly said they hired an extra 12 people for the holiday rush.

"Usually during the holiday season we bring on about an extra 30 to 35 people. We ended up bringing on 43, 46 people this year extra to help with the increased sales that were coming on. So maybe more people working in the local economy helped as well," said Kelly.

Clothes were not the only thing driving the economy this Black Friday. Bargain books were in high demand.

Andrea Yeager said, "Black Friday was awesome for us. Much better than it was last year."

So what drove all the thousands of customers through the bookstore? Community Relations Manager Andrea Yeager said it was the Nook.

"What was are sales driver was our Nook Color. With Barnes and Nobles coming out with the e-reader that's all touch screen that was the big seller yesterday. It was like crazy. Are sales probably more than doubled what we did last year," said Yeager.

Kelly said sales did not quite double this year for them, but their discounted boots and sale coupons kept their customers happy.

Kelly said, "Better than last year's numbers, absolutely. We were very surprised. It turned out great.

Even though Black Friday has ended, the sales are still going on through the weekend.

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