D'Iberville Police roll out extra patrol on Black Friday

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - By Elizabeth Vowell – email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) – While shoppers vied for the perfect deal during Black Friday, the D'Iberville Police Department was busy making sure traffic kept moving and shoppers stayed safe.

"That's been our biggest concern in the morning is just making sure that the traffic continuously flows through Sangani and Promenade Boulevard," said D'Iberville Police Capt. Keith Davis.

To make sure traffic kept moving and road rage stayed at a minimum, police took a lesson from past years.

"In looking back at last year's numbers, we prepared for overcrowding in the parking lots and congestion at I-110 and Promenade Boulevard," said Davis.

In something similar to a grown up version of Red Light, Green Light, an officer was stationed at the I-110 intersection, ready to manually control the traffic lights if cars began to back up.

There were also undercover officers moving through the stores, keeping an eye out for shoplifters.  Davis confirmed they made a few arrests.

However, Davis reported that things had been running smoothly overall.

"No problems whatsoever. Everyone we've spoke to has said it's been a positive experience for them," said Davis.

Even the parking lots got a little extra help from two teams of officers on bicycles, which is a new addition to the D'Iberville force.

"They're helping out with motorists that need minor assistance and making sure no one is breaking into cars or things like that," said Davis.

The extra patrolling of the D'Iberville Promenade will continue through the post-Thanksgiving weekend.

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