Warm weather Turkey Day draws families to beach

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - By Steve Phillips – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Lots of sunshine and a near record high today made for a perfect afternoon to enjoy the outdoors after that big turkey dinner.

WLOX News found plenty of families taking advantage of the warm holiday weather on the beach in Ocean Springs.

The temperature near 80, sun reflecting off the water and a slight breeze. It was a perfect combination for an afternoon walk along the beach.

"I brought some family down for Thanksgiving. So, we're enjoying it. They're from Michigan, so it's nice to be on the beach for Thanksgiving Day," said Mark, who works as a local radio DJ.

No complaints from the Michigan ladies; they traded their wool sweaters for shorts and flip flops.

"This is pretty awesome. Because it was like 27 degrees when I left on Wednesday morning," said Holly Smith, "I'm enjoying this very much."

"I love it. I'm used to snow and being in warm sweaters. Now I can be in shorts and walk on the beach on Thanksgiving. It's lovely," added Michigan visitor, Katie Felton.

A giant turkey stood guard outside the Charbonnet home on front beach.  Beautiful afternoons like this are a big part of the reason the family rebuilt here after Katrina.

"We moved here in 1970, to a little 100 year old house. And of course it was gone with Katrina. But the site was too great to move away from. So, we had to move back. Even though we're in our 90's," said Jaqueline Charbonnet.

Thanksgiving means plenty of family and friends at the Charbonnet home, enjoying the great weather and each other's company.

"Thanksgiving, I get to see everyone, like my whole family. It's great. I don't get to see 'em very often, so I like having 'em here," said USM student, Adriana Charbonnet.

It was the perfect holiday forecast for family gatherings and strolls through the sand.

"It is beautiful. You guys have a wonderful area," said Michele Felton, from Michigan.

Folks enjoyed the warm turkey day afternoon, which will give way to a big chill and change in temperatures by this weekend.

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