Chester Gets Another Chance At Life

Chester, a one year old shepherd, was at the Waveland Animal Shelter for a week with a broken leg.

Dr. John Battley in Pascagoula is one of the few vets who perform orthopedic procedures. Both bones in Chester's right front leg were broken, requiring Dr. Battley to piece the dog's leg together using a steel plate and screws.

Dr. Battley says Chester's break had already begun healing, but not correctly.

"So I had to go in there and refreshen the fracture get rid of the old callouses that had come up, reposition the bones and then put a bone plate on the radius that's secured with stainless steel screws."

After the surgery Dr. Battley stitched up the leg and put it in a cast for extra support.

"He's a young dog and his bones aren't real strong yet. If he were to jump down and put a lot of stress on it he could damage the plate or the screws."

Until Wednesday, Chester was a stray at the Waveland Animal Shelter. A vet confirmed the dog's leg was broken, perhaps with a baseball bat.

The shelter has no money to treat sick animals, so volunteer Nancy Miner started calling around and found Dr. Battley who agreed to help. So far, more than half of the money for the thousand dollar surgery has been raised.

"We want people to contribute to our fund that we started not only to Chester which is our number one beneficiary, we're just starting this fund for the sick and injured animals at the Waveland Animal Shelter because they have no budget to do these sort of things," Miner says.

Chester won't be chasing any balls or cats anytime soon. But Dr. Battley says in about a year, the steel plate can be removed and this lucky pooch should be just fine.

"It did not involve any joint surfaces so once these bones heal he should run and gun."

Chester will go to a foster home in Hancock County Thursday. The Friends of the Waveland Animal Shelter still need money to pay for Chester's surgery and to help other sick and injured animals. If you'd like to help, call Nancy Miner at 467-0074 for more information. Or send donations to the following address:

Sick & Injured Animal Fund
c/o The Friends of the Animal Shelter, Hancock County
P.O. Box 2274
Bay St. Louis, MS 39521