Walmart helps in the fight against hunger

By Michelle Lady - e-mail

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - One in six people will go to bed not knowing where their next meal will come from. That's according to the United States Department of Agriculture. That means about 49 million moms, dads, children, and seniors are going hungry every day.

Walmart Foundation President Margaret McKenna said, "The United States Department of Agriculture recently released its annual report on hunger. It shows Americans continue to struggle with hunger; they continue to struggle to put food on the tables."

But Walmart wants to help change these statistics.

"This holiday season we are concentrating on anti-hunger organizations. We are doing that because we are leading the fight against hunger. We recently launched a $2 billion campaign to fight and to end hunger in this country," McKenna said.

The corporation has committed the money for nutritious food and equipment to fight against hunger. McKenna is urging you to help.

"No matter what your economic status, time you have, you can give one can as part of this campaign, you can volunteer one hour at a food bank. We can all do something. And if all of us do one thing, we can contribute to fighting hunger in this country."

Walmart also wants you to help decide where $1.5 million should go. They have launched a Facebook hunger relief campaign where you can learn about the communities with the biggest food hardships and vote for the one you think needs the money the most.

"Hunger is a problem we can all do something about. These are our friends, our neighbors, people we see in the market, church and everyone can do something," McKenna said.

To vote for a community or find out where you can volunteer locally, visit

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