Bikes for a good cause

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - By Jessica Bowman – email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Some kids in Long Beach will have a surprise coming their way this holiday season. That's because the VFW in Long Beach is giving away bikes to those less fortunate children.

Tricycles, bicycles, 10-speeds and any other type of bike can help a child have a happier holiday.

"You know kids need to get out you don't see them riding bikes anymore and a lot of them can't afford it," Nadina North said.

This holiday season kids in need living in Long Beach have a group of elves working day and night to bring a little joy their way. Nadina North is part of the Long Beach VFW Post 3937 Women's Auxiliary. She said the veterans and their families want to spread holiday cheer throughout the city.

"We just help the men at the VFW get the bikes and decide how they are going to go out and be distributed," said North.

"We're going to go to local churches and communities in the area here in Long Beach and ask them for names," Stephen Harmon said. "And if we can get some names of some families in need, we're going to try and get the little kids some bikes."

VFW member Stephen Harmon began the bicycle drive last year. He said it's tough knowing some children wake up Christmas morning without anything to open. So he wants to do all that he can to change that.

"We're in a situation right now were everybody needs some help and they need the spirit of Christmas back in there, and they forgot what the spirit of Christmas was really about," said Harmon.

Harmon said their goal is to try and bring in 100 bicycles so there will be 100 smiling faces.

"Think about being a little kid again and what that wish is about and what that spirit is about in Christmas," said Harmon.

North said whether it's pink, black, blue or red, it's all going for a good cause.

"We hope they get a lot of joy out of it and we hope they get a lot of exercise out of it."

If you want to donate a bike, you can take it to the VFW Post in Long Beach, or call (228) 863-8602.

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