Insurance solution still needed

This year's hurricane season is ending in just a few days. It now has been more than five years since Hurricane Katrina leveled our beach front and heavily damaged homes and businesses miles from the coast line.

Most homeowners and businesses have either rebuilt or relocated a few miles to the north. What has not been solved in the past five years is the ability for many to buy affordable home insurance. If you talk to any real estate broker or agent or leader along the coast, they will tell you the one thing that is still holding the coast back is affordable insurance.

It is not that our leaders and citizens have not tried to solve this problem. In fact some small gains have been made. But, for too many of our residents, insurance cost or availability is still a big problem.

In 2011 when we elect state wide office holders, we must impress on them the critical need for affordable insurance on the coast. Whomever our new governor, lieutenant governor, insurance commissioner and other elected officials are, they must be willing to continue the fight to bring affordable home insurance to South Mississippi.

Also, we urge our newly elected Congressman, Steven Palazzo, to continue the fight on the national level to find some relief for our home owners. For the coast to ever fully recover, a solution must be found to our current insurance dilemma.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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