Streets of Speed - Polk Avenue, Pascagoula

We begin our "Streets of Speed" special report on Polk Avenue in Pascagoula.

Rick and Wendy Dohanian wrote WLOX news about speeding on their street. They said that Polk is right between two of the area's busiest streets, Pascagoula and Market Streets, and that everyone seems to use Polk as a cut through.

So, with the "Speed Zapper" in hand and our cameras rolling, we set out to trap those speeders and put them on the spot. In the process, we hope they'll slow down, and make South Mississippi streets safer.

The speed limit on Polk Avenue is supposed to be 25.

"I noticed when we first came here that the traffic was heavy and fast. I don't mind the traffic, but the speed is something just a little too dangerous. I'm afraid," Rick Dohanian said.

Of the 15 cars we tried to stop, only four would slow down to talk to us. Time and time again, drivers raced by, some even sped up to get away.

Only one of the 20 drivers we clocked was going the speed limit. The fastest driver was going 45 miles per hour, close to double the posted speed limit.