Who will be George County's next sheriff?

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - With less than 48 hours before the runoff in the George County sheriff's race, Tony Keel and Bobby Fairley are on a campaign blitz to win votes. One of the men will replace the late Garry Welford. The 63 year old died in July after being run over while trying to stop suspects fleeing police in a truck.

Patrice Clark follows the candidates It's campaign fever in George County these days.

From Passing out cards, to putting out vote for me signs, sheriff candidates Tony Keel and Bobby Fairley are using these last days to spread their names and message all around town. "I have the experience," said Fairley. "I am 37 years old. I have 14 years of law enforcement experience and I wide range, too. I know I can do the job."

His opponent is Tony Keel, the man who got the most votes earlier this month when 11 people were vying to become George County's top cop. "I worked patrol, I have worked narcotic division, and as criminal investigator," Keel explained. "I currently work as a chief deputy responsible for the daily run of the sheriff's office."

Both men say they won't take to slinging mud or running negative campaigns to win the top law enforcement spot.

The men have similar platforms. They want to find ways to beef up officer patrols for safety and combat the drug problem that is plaguing the county. "Meth seems to be biggest problem and concern of the people," Fairley said. "Really try different methods as well as undercover and just act on the tips we receive from the community."

In Keel's case, he said his main plan is to "Get another agent through some type of grant, resources, or merging with some type of task force or something to get put agent on the road. Even if we have to do it with the reserve program if that is what the people want."

Keel and Fairley are hoping this final push for votes will assure them a victory on Tuesday. "Mostly I have been going door to door knocking introducing myself and just asking people to vote for me," said Keel.

As for Fairley, "I am not resting until November 24th. I took this challenge on and I will not quit mid way through."

The runoff is Tuesday.  WLOX News and WLOX.com will have results after the polls close.

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