Parents Have New Hope Of Finding Daughter's Killer

Rose Marie Levindosky's parents share the same hope that sheriff's investigator Joey Tracy has: that someone's conscious will get the best of them and they'll call with information about their daughter's murder. It's one of Harrison County's oldest unsolved crimes and is featured on the sheriff's department's website.

13-year old Rose Marie disappeared from her St. Martin school the morning of February 1, 1973.

"She told her classmates she needed a breath of fresh air. She walked out, she left her coat, her purse on her desk and her books in the desk, and she never came back," says Jo Levindosky.

She says she never dreamed that something bad had happened to Rose Marie.

"We assumed she was somewhere a prisoner or someone was holding her against her will."

But three weeks later, the news wasn't good. Rose Marie's body was found near the Corso Bridge in the Tchoutacabouffa river. She'd been stabbed to death. Lead after lead dried up, leaving the girl's parents frustrated, saddened and wondering.

"It's a little nagging feeling ya got back there. You'll never forget it and when they called and reopened the case it brought a lot of old memories forward," Rose Marie's father, Ed Levindosky says.

Mr. Levindosky says he hopes his daughter's picture on the internet will jog someone's memory.

"Just to get someone to come forward and speak. There's someone out there who knows something. You don't disappear at one o'clock in the afternoon in the school and no one seeing anything."

Until they know who killed their daughter, the Levindosky's say they will never have closure and Rose Marie will never have justice.

The Levindosky's now live in New York.