Moss Point students make their community more energy efficient

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) – Twenty Four Moss Point homes are now more energy efficient thanks to 30 hard working Moss Point High students. The new weatherization program aimed at helping seniors is sponsored by FOCUS and the Mississippi Power Company.

"I enjoyed doing the work because we went to a lot of people's homes already," student worker Leigh-Anna Ballard said. "It was a real joy because a lot of the elderly people were really happy to see us there. They could not believe the high school kids came out of school just to help them."

Mississippi Power employees helped students get the job done. The team we caught up with on Wednesday replaced old light bulbs with energy efficient ones, wrapped pipes, put up weather strips and sealed outside windows.

Mississippi Power Program Coordinator Frank Magee said many people don't realize how much energy they waste. He said they tend to overlook small things that are making a big difference in their bills.

"So by changing out the bulbs for that household, we are able to make an impact on that portion of the bill, which lighting is 10 percent of the average household's bill," Magee said. "Wrapping the electric water heater with the thermal wraps, water heating is 20 percent of someone's bill. So we are able to make an impact on that portion."

The senior citizens said they appreciate all the free labor and extra energy savings tips because every dollar counts these days.

"I had heard about these saving energy tools but the bulbs seem to be very expensive. That is why I was using the regular old light bulb," one elderly homeowner said. "I hope this will be a big help to me."

Mississippi Power said its volunteers have helped make 180 South Mississippi homes more energy efficient this year.

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