Pass Aldermen: St. Paul's will be demolished

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - The Catholic Diocese is celebrating a victory. Their wish to tear down St. Paul's Catholic Church in Pass Christian was granted at Tuesday night's Board of Aldermen meeting in Pass Christian.

During that meeting, the attorney representing the Catholic Diocese told the board the diocese will use the property to build a chapel. There were a lot of public comments made, and a bit more heated debate. But after discussion, the board voted to override the mayor's veto, granting the Catholic Diocese a permit to demolish what some call a "historic landmark."

"There were several issues we looked at. We looked at the city ordinance, we looked at a lot of criteria that were given to us. There were a lot of opinions made and we took that information processed it and made what we thought was the best decision for the city overall," Ward 2 Alderman Joseph Piernas said.

Shirley Henderson, Spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi, said, "This has been such a sad struggle. Like so many, I wish Katrina had never disrupted our lives and our communities' harmony."

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