Coast welcomes home a true hero

The term hero is thrown around way too often these days. We have our sports heroes, entertainment heroes, and others. But have any of those so-called heroes ever sacrificed anything at all?

To us, that is the true definition of a hero. And one coast man symbolizes sacrifice and heroism that few of us can ever imagine. His name is Marine Corporal Anthony McDaniel. A 2006 graduate of Gautier High School, McDaniel enlisted in the Marines and served two tours of duty in the war on terror.

The second deployment in Afghanistan almost cost the 22 year old his life. He stepped on an IED and lost both of his legs and part of one arm. His life was in the balance. But his will to live was strong.

He wanted to see the son who was born while he was deployed. And so he did. Corporal McDaniel returned home this week to a rousing welcome from his alma mater. Hundreds of students saluted this true hero and showered him with love and affection, not to mention appreciation for his service to our country.

In losing much of his past life on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Anthony McDaniel helped all of us on the coast find something in ourselves. The ability to understand what true heroism is all about, sacrifice and service without regard to self. And no one has done that better than Corporal McDaniel.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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