Fourth of July Clean-Up Efforts Under Way

Fourth of July Fun is over, now it's time to clean-up what's been left behind on South Mississippi's beaches. Harrison County Sand Beach Authorities say the mess is worse than it's been in past years. They say it will take days before the white sand coast looks like it did Pre-Fourth of July.

John LeStrade and his running partners have been jogging along the beach for five years. Each July 5th, they see the same thing along their route.

"A lot of fireworks left over from the night before," said LeStrade.

All day long, Sand Beach crews worked feverishly to clean up the mess from the night before.

The shoreline looked more like an arsenal as fireworks containers stood poised in the sand.

Left over fireworks aren't just an eyesore. They can be downright deadly. WLOX crews found six bottle rockets on the beach. None of them had been used, and children played in the water just yards away.

The Rainey family traveled more than 400 miles to enjoy the July 4th holiday weekend at Mississippi's beaches.

They found a section to sit in that was litter-free, but evidence of last night's celebration were still within eyeshot.

TM: "What do you think about people cleaning up after themselves on July 4th.?

"I guess they should, if they're going to be out here. There are some really nice fireworks. But they should clean up. And they were trying to do that this morning," said Coast Visitor Meolody Rainey.

The Memphis family said they were still enjoying their vacation and the beach and nothing could take away from the fresh Gulf breeze and picturesque view of the Mississippi Sound.