Reunion Helps Former Students Represent Past

More than 1500 people met in Moss Point Saturday from around the country. They gathered for a reunion of all classes that graduated from Magnolia Heights High--an all black school before integration.

A parade this morning kicked off the day-long events of the Magnolia Heights High School Reunion.

"It's a wonderful feeling to get back and reunite with all of your classmates--classes behind you," said Ruby Brightwell, a Class of '68 graduate. "It's a wonderful thing."

But Class of '68 graduate Ruby Brightwell said they are doing more than just seeing old friends. They are representing the past.

"Now everyone has moved over since integration to Moss Point High, so these classes were the last classes to graduate from Magnolia High School," said Brightwell.

These classes represent Moss Point High schools as far back as the fifties.

Organizers say the festivities don't just involve the former graduates.

"Well, the great enthusiasm that it brings to the whole town," said Marva Tanner, the President of Alumni Assn. "It's quite an honor to know that we could bring this many people back into town, as well as visitors."

Magnolia High School Graduates said this parade isn't the only thing planned for their reunion.

"Today is the day of the parade, and tonight we'll have a great ball at the Civic Center," Jesse Mitchell, a Class of 69 graduate said. "Everyone that's down here, it's going to be a wonderful time."

"The ball tonight is one of our great affairs," Tanner said. "It is a fundraising event for the scholarships we award every year."

These scholarships are given to the local high school graduates who are children of Magnolia Heights graduates. Last year the alumni association gave 15 scholarships from the events.