Dr. Barmada

Spring of Youth

 Trust in the professionals at our laser center in Ocean Springs for cardiovascular surgery, treatment of varicose veins, and thoracic surgery. With many years of experience, Spring of Youth specializes in helping people with thoracic cancer, leg pains, swelling, spider veins (ugly veins), vein problems, or other lung and vascular problems.

Our caring professionals will meet with you to determine a course of action for your particular health situation. Whether you have blocked arteries, varicose veins, thoracic conditions, leg pains or excessive hand/ axilla sweating, we have a procedure that can change your life. 

  • Vein Treatments: We tailor the treatment to the patients condition and needs. You can opt for sclerotherapy by injections, phlebectomy to remove veins locally, ligation of perforators and reflux, or laser ablation. Spider and reticular veins are usually injected with sclerosant.
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease & Varicose Veins: The most common blockages are those in the legs, causing leg pains and claudication. Most can be treated with angioplasty / stents. We also treat aneurysms of most vessels and types, including aortic aneurysms.
  • Surgeries for Leg Pain: If you have an occlusion, your arteries get narrower and cause a blockage. At our clinic, we provide different procedures or surgeries to correct this. Most vascular conditions we can now treat with endovascular procedures, like balloon angioplasty and stents. Certain situations require open surgery. Yet in others a "hybrid" procedure is needed to combine both open surgery and endovascular procedures simultaneously.

Spring of Youth is a laser center that works with ugly veins, and our clinic offers close intervention with both open and closed surgeries. From our hybrid procedures to treating varicose veins to our specialty treatment, we are here for you. Contact us or visit our clinic, east of Ocean Springs Hospital, to schedule your consultation for laser surgery or other treatment.