Celebration Of Democracy At Point Cadet

Be honest, speak from the heart, and be brief.

Those were the ground rules for a non-political rally of sorts.

It was called "Democracy: Use It Or Lose It", and a small group gathered at Point Cadet to do just that.

They discussed a variety of topics ranging from jury nullification in the court systems, to laws that perhaps create bigger problems.

"I believe in questioning authority, you know. I understand a lot of people have a problem with that but I think that is one of the founding principles of our country is that we should question the people who work for us, the people who represent us in Jackson, Washington,and we should question anybody who has to do with creating a vision for our country. And at this point in time you know from what I can see in the direction our country is going in, they don't represent my vision," organizer Jim Smith said.

Jim Smith was not discouraged by the small turnout of about 12 people.

It was simply his way of saying happy birthday to America by creating an atmosphere where people could communicate about controversial subjects in a civil way - a way he believes was the intention of our founding fathers.

Now, of course, not everyone agreed with each other, but they all agreed in attempting to make the nation better, complete with liberty and justice for all.

"I think that community is the first place to start if you're going help people and help make changes," participant Jane Lindsey said.

The rally also included music by the group Blue Tuna, as well as scheduled appearances by gubernatorial candidates Mitch Tyner, Katie Peron, and Sherman Lee Dillon.