Patriotic Tribute For Nation's Birthday

Hundreds gathered under spacious skies at the Biloxi Town Green to celebrate America's 227th year of independence.

This is the 11th year Cedar Lake Christian Assembly has presented its "I LoveAmerica" production, and each year- many people agree- like the nation, the show gets better and better.

Although it takes two months to choreograph and rehearse a plethora of patriotic music and skits, organizer Richard Black believes a tribute to our country is worth it.

"I believe in America. I was in Vietnam. I believe in our country and God is the most important thing in the whole thing. God loves America. I believe that. We sing God Bless America I believe it. And he does. He blesses this place every year," organizer Richard Black said.

As you looked over the crowd of people, you could see ol' glory shining in their faces, in their voices, and in their hearts.

"What isn't so special about America. You really couldn't pick anything. There's so much freedom and just the availability of everything really. I couldn't really think of anything that's not special," party-goer Sonia Quade said.

In the midst of the cotton candy, clowns, and some of the characters onstage, the words of "America the Beautiful" came to life in the middle of downtown Biloxi.

The "I Love America " production is also a tribute to Frenchie Perry, who has been with the production since it began in 1991. Perry died three weeks ago.

If you missed Thursday night's performance,the patriotic celebration will be held again Friday evening at 7 p.m. on the Biloxi Town Green. Fireworks will follow immediately after the show.