Car crashes into in popular Biloxi children's park

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

BILOXI MS (WLOX) - It could have been a tragic crash, but witnesses are calling it a miracle. Around noon on Sunday a man driving on highway 90 in Biloxi crashed his car through the gate at Miramar Park then flipped over.

Police have not released the name of the driver. However, a passerby told WLOX he stopped after realizing the Jaguar convertible belonged to his co-worker Ernie Giles. Friends nervously watched and prayed as firefighters and police worked to free the man from underneath the car.

"I didn't think he was okay,"said Michael Broadway, Giles' friend. "It looked bad. It looked real bad but they got all the stuff cut out of the back and he come crawling out. He's a tough old man. He's very lucky. He had a lot of people praying for him."

Biloxi police said the driver suffered just a scratch to his head but was still taken to Memorial Hospital as a precaution. Officers said it appeared the crash occurred after the driver hit the curb then overcorrected and lost control.

Neighbors said it was also a miracle no one in the park was hurt because Miramar Park is often filled with kids on the weekends. Because of fast-moving traffic on Highway 90, they'd like to see the city put up a barrier or move the playground to the back of the park.

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