Revolutionary War Patriot honored in Jackson County

By Jessica Bowman - email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Revolutionary War Soldier Matthew Carter was honored Saturday in Jackson County. About 100 of his descendants were at the Old Matthew Carter Cemetery for the unveiling of his grave site marker. It was an emotional day for some of his family members who told the story of his life.

A piece of history was unveiled. After nearly 200 years Soldier Matthew Carter's life was honored.

Mark Cumbest said, "A man who left such a rich legacy. We honor his courage and his faith. We celebrate his life and the lasting positive influence he left us."

Those great values were instilled in Carter's descendant, Mark Cumbest. Cumbest said the dedication of Carter's grave marker is a vital part of history.

"People who have sacrificed, our veterans, that's who we owe our freedom to," said Cumbest.

For Carter's descendants going back in time gave the feeling of actually knowing the Revolutionary War Patriot. Carter, who was a native of North Carolina, traveled to Mississippi in 1811 as a Private with Marions' Brigade.

Melba Goff Allen, relative and Historian for the Carter family, said Carter landed on Jackson County soil. One year later he fell ill after developing a fever due to a leg injury.

"He was then taken with fits which continued until he died," said Melba Goff Allen.

After 40 years of tedious research Allen said the pieces to the puzzle were completed.

"I am proud to say that Matthew Carter is the first Revolutionary Soldier to have a marker in Jackson County," said Allen.

"We're just happy to commemorate this wonderful, wonderful event," said Cumbest.

Carter's wife Cassandra was also honored during the ceremony. The couple were the parents of six children.

Carter was born in 1750 and died on April 2, 1812.

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