Picayune vote: to serve or not to serve, alcohol by the glass

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PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Picayune Businessman, Armand "A.P." Guizerix with the Picayune Committee For Community Development believes the fifth time will be the charm. Previous attempts to allow liquor to be sold in the area have failed.

"It will pass this time because people are hurting and they see that this is going to give us something that is going to get us out of this recession," Guizerix said. "This particular referendum strictly prohibits bar rooms and liquor stores, and I believe that is the way to go."

Guizerix said Picayune is losing out on fine dining restaurants that often over look the city because they can't legally serve liquor in their businesses.

"That is going to give us what we need in an economic boost. More jobs restaurant jobs , construction jobs," Guizerix said.

He believes the city is losing money from residents who are choosing to travel to other places where they can have a drink with their meal.

Guizerix said, "We're being deprived of that simply because we won't allow liquor by the glass; that's all it is, not putting liquor in the grocery stores not putting it in any other place but in restaurants."

Reverend Darrell Worley is with the Citizens Action Team.

"With all of the economic problems we have, why are we thinking that alcohol is going to solve the problem," Reverend Worley asked. "I don't believe it's going to [help]."

Reverend Worley is pastor of a Picayune Church, and he is against this law passing.

"To me I actually see no difference in it personally. Alcohol is alcohol. The devastation it brings is the same whether they're drinking it with a meal," Worley said.

"For one, I'm a father of a teenage daughter who I don't really want to see her having to drive the roads with more people having come out of the restaurants drinking. One argument is that people are getting it anyway, and that's true. But I think that the more readily available it is, the more problems we're going to see from it."

Registered voters will have the final say when they cast their ballots on the issue Tuesday November 9th.

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