Police Rescue Two Men Stranded On River

Two guys sat on top of that stranded Cadillac. Wait until you hear how Daniel Foster got them stranded there.

"I just messed up," the driver admitted.

Foster drove his Cadillac into quite a mess, when he ignored a road closed sign on Cedar Lake Road.

"I didn't think it was that deep," he said. "I got out there, I got probably out to that tree, and it started floating."

For a few frantic moments, the two guys feared that they would float right off the road and into the Tchoutacabouffa River. Shane Eley was in the passenger seat.

"It felt like a boat," he said, describing what the Cadillac felt like as it left the roadway. "It just came up off the ground and started floating. And I guess we hit something, because it just stopped."

Four Biloxi patrolmen stood at the edge of the flooded road. They used radios to direct rescue boats to the Cedar Lake scene. Driving out to rescue the guys wasn't an option.

According to one of the officers, "We're afraid if we move out there and create a wake or a wave, it might break it loose from whatever it's hung on."

It took 30 minutes to get Biloxi and DMR rescue boats to the scene. It seemed like a lot longer than that to the stranded motorists.

"I was wondering when they were ever going to come and get me," Foster said with a smile. "You get tired of sitting on the car."

Foster said he experience with Tropical Storm Bill taught him a valuable lesson.

"Don't drive through water, if it looks like it's deep. And don't go through barricades."

Foster will pay for that last lesson. Police gave him two tickets. One was for ignoring the barricade. The other one was because he was driving through the flood waters with a suspended license.