Palazzo wakes up as Congressman-elect

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Steven Palazzo ran a campaign based on two key words: Fire Pelosi. In a way, the republican has done just that, upsetting Gene Taylor, the democrat who represented south Mississippi on Capitol Hill for 21 years.

When the final ballot was counted at just before midnight, Palazzo received 101,318 votes, and led the incumbent by five percentage points.   During his acceptance speech, Palazzo got the crowd in a frenzy by saying, "The first thing I'm going to do is fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House."

Palazzo will be part of the majority in the House of Representatives. That's because the midterm elections proved to be a crowning moment for the GOP. Republicans regained control of the house, and in the process, made it possible for John Boehner to unseat Pelosi as house speaker.

At Taylor's post election headquarters, the outgoing congressman joked that it was time to go fishing.  "A lot of people don't get to live their dreams for five minutes," Taylor said.  "I got do it for 21 years.

"I have had the greatest privilege anyone has ever had serving in the House of Representatives."

That distinction now goes to Palazzo.  "It was a historic election for south Mississippi.  What we did today was we went to the polls and voted to repeal the government takeover of healthcare," Palazzo said.  "Let's celebrate because tomorrow the work begins.  Thank you and God bless you all."

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