INFINITY project at halfway mark

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - By Al Showers – bio | email

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The posting of five flags means construction on the Infinity building has reached the half way mark.

"It begins to become real when you see a topping out ceremony," said George Schloegel.

Infinity Board Chairman George Schloegel has been dreaming of Infinity long before he was mayor of Gulfport. After more ten years of work, Infinity is becoming a reality.

"We're optimistic that this is going to be a scientific Disney World for Louisiana and Mississippi like nothing we've ever seen before," Schloegel said.

Nothing like we've ever seen because the inside of the building will be loaded with interactive educational material about space exploration and the mysteries of earth.

"The earth gallery encompasses things like the wetlands, the water oceans, under sea exploration," said Former Astronaut Fred Haise.

The hope is that Infinity will attract thousands of tourists to the area and inspire children to choose careers in the math science and engineering fields.

Deputy Director Stennis Space Center Rick Gilbrech said, "In 2007, that National Academy of sciences reported that only 15 percent of our youth are going into technical careers. That's compared to 50 percent over in China. And with some I think expected 350,000 visitors a year what a great way to touch so many people and get them interested in science."

The $50 million facility is located near the I-10 Welcome Center just outside of the gates of Stennis Space Center.

"By putting this facility out on the highway, we're going to be able to take the things inside of Stennis and bring them to the rest of the world," Schloegel said.

Infinity is expected to be ready to open in July or August of 2011.

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