South MS voters inundated with Congressional ads

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's down to the wire. Within days South Mississippi know who will come out on top in a hotly contested Fourth District Congressional race. Democratic incumbent Gene Taylor and Republican challenger Steven Palazzo have both taken their messages to the airwaves.

South Mississippi voters have been inundated with political ads that have been running on television and radio. Almost any time of day South Mississippians can turn on the television and watch Palazzo and Taylor trade jabs.

"Every time I turn on the television there's an ad,"said Mary Sloan, voter. "Unfortunately I think that as the race has been getting closer the ads are becoming a little more negative. That's disturbing. I wish we could keep it positive."

Marjorie Williams, also a registered voter, said many of the ads are not to her taste. "I don't like the negative ones. I think that if you're running for office, you ought to tell about yourself. What you have done. What you are going to do. You don't need to attack the other guy. It turns me off totally."

Not all voters have a problem with mudslinging they said it's just part of the political process.

"I think it's been pretty fair on both sides," said Mack Broussard, voter. "I mean what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

On Tuesday, the time for talk will be over and voters will let their voices be heard at the polls. But will the political messages they've seen on television affect what they do in the voting booth?

"Unfortunately, I have to say they do even the negative ones," said Sloan. "If the statistics are right, they do make me want to vote one way or another."

However, Michael Dickinson said ads don't impact his decisions. "I ignore most of them. I know that they're intended to portray one possibly in a negative and maybe try to enhance the other.  I make up my mind on other issues not on the political ads."

Some voters said the political ads inspired them to research the congressional candidates themselves to find out if the information they were hearing in the ads is accurate.

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