Screams for a good cause

By Jessica Bowman – email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Ghost and goblins were out Friday night in Long Beach at the 12th annual Carnival Association of Long Beach's haunted house. Dozens of people lined up to walk through the spooky maze for a good cause.

Witch said, "I need a child for my brew. Bring me a child."

Adrenaline was pumping through the veins of people of all ages as they waited to enter the house of terror.

Sarah Deano said, "If it's scary I'm probably going to close my eyes and if it's really scary and making noise I'm probably going to like run past it."

Brooke Raziano said, "I'm probably going to hold on to her and run."

A crazy mad woman was the first to greet the guests.

Witch: Would you like to join me and Oscar? We have a special role for you. Just you come see me. Come see me."

She tried to make them apart of her book shelf.

Character said, "She will have your head. Boo!"

The house was full of unexpected characters approaching everyone's blind spot.

Cindy Drouilhet said, "The haunted house actually started about twelve years ago. We started doing it as a fun party for my son and his class mates and it's grown into this terrific fundraiser for the Carnival Association for Long Beach."

Although the imitation of dracula and vampires may have made your heart pound, haunted house organizer for the CALB, Cindy Drouilhet, said it's for a good cause.

"The money goes to CALB which is a charitable organization. It raises money for St. Vincent de Paul School as well as other community organizations," said Drouilhet.

Clown said, "The keys are right over there. Get us out."

Ten year olds Sarah Deano and  Brooke Raziano decided the clown was the culprit and raced to get out of his way.

"It was good. Scary, but fun," said Raziano

"I was real scared. I cried for a bit," said Deano.

The haunted house is at the old Long Beach Recreation Center on East Second Street in Long Beach. It will be open Saturday and Sunday.

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